One thing I've noticed when browsing cloud communities such as /r/AWS is that many of them share a common theme.

There is generally a lot of people looking to get into the industry, either starting from scratch, or having only a limited amount of professional experience, seeking advice from the internet. As with any job or career field, people want a non-complex way in, whether they intend to be a hard worker or not. Really, what it comes down to, is being able to prove that you can learn, that you are dedicated to improvement. Let's talk about that here.

First things first: know what resources are available. For no or fairly low cost, you have access to hundreds of hours worth of study material. In no particular order, there are Solutions Architect courses available on Udemy, LinuxAcademy, A Cloud Guru, practice tests by Jon Bonso and on WhizLabs, plus AWS official documentation and FAQs. That last one especially since many of us are going into the technology without much experience and it can be difficult to know what questions to ask. The FAQs present many of the more difficult questions with simple answers!